Raspcontrol – a web interface with your Raspberry Pi stats

On GitHub you can find many interesting projects. There are also many things related to the Raspberry Pi. Raspcontrol is a control center that runs on your web server and informs you about the status of your Pi!


For the installation of this web interface, you will need a running web server. I show you how to do this for your Pi in one of my older articles. The installation of raspcontrol is quite simple, but first we need a package called git:

We will install raspcontrol directly into our www directory, so we do not have to configure anything. So we change the current directory:

and now we get the program:

You should now be able to run Raspcontrol from your web browser. On your Pi you can input localhost/raspcontrol and from your network, you should change localhost with the current IP address of your Pi for example



To log into Raspcontrol you will need a login! So we create the following file:

and there we set our login informations:

It is important to change the rights on this file to something like this:

Now you should be able to login and get all information about your Pi!

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  1. Domobo says:

    Not working by me?
    What do i wrong?
    Install lighttpd
    Or do i need a database to?

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