Raspberry Pi – Sim City

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  1. Rowan says:

    When I go to run the game for the first time I type in the command that has been provided and then It ask if I wish I to install it and I agrree. Then more text scrolls and it says : ‘Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update, or try with –fix missing?’ When I do these thing that it suggest it does not help the situation. I think it migh be because my pi is not hooked up to the Internet, but I may be wrong so i someone could provide assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi, yes you need a connection to the internet. When the –fix missing error is displayed, then something goes wrong with your packet manager. You can also try to purge this package and to reinstall it.

  2. Saruda1942 says:

    Hey how to run it

    • Werner Ziegelwanger says:

      Hi, try to run micropolis or lincity from command line. An alternative is you start menu, there should be a link to it (but I’m not sure if every game creates one).

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