Raspberry Pi runs with solar power – Part 3

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  1. Adrian sagt:

    How did you connect the Solar panel & the Battery pack together? Or were you simply connected them separately?

    • My battery pack has 2 USB out plugs to connect 2 gadgets at the same time. It also has a micro USB in to charge it. So it is possible to run your Pi with it and load it with a solar panel.

      • Dodutils sagt:

        Take care about the fact that many USB batteries cannot provide power AND reload at same time.

        For example I tested a few Anker up to 8000mAh and if I connect external power to reload the battery then it stop sending current to connected USB device.

        Also all external USB batteries never give you real mAh written on the box, this value is the internal 3.7v Li-Io batteries capacity (they are all 3.7V), so when you reload the battery you plugin a 5V external USB power this is lowered before getting into Li-Io battery, but on the contrary when you power a connected USB device then this 3.7V „internal“ current must be elevated to 5V again so you loose about 30% of capacity because of this conertion.

  2. Dodutils sagt:

    You may cumulate the solar cells or buy a more powerfull, I found two interesting on Amazon :



    But if you cumulate two of yours then you get same power but cheaper price, but I don’t know about quality…

    By the way I received no notification for your previous answer, do you blog send reply notifications ?

    Also for the „worst situation“ why did you choose 12V soler cells + battery and not 6V, any special reason ?

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