Raspberry Pi – Backup

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  1. Dave sagt:

    Thanks for this great summary!
    There is small typo in the Linux section:
    dd if=/dev/disk1s1 of=/home/backup/backup.img bs=1m
    must be
    dd if=/dev/disk1s1 of=/home/backup/backup.img bs=1M

  2. Victor sagt:

    Thanks for this great ideas. tried and works fine.

    Seems than the data in the original SD card (size 16 Gb) is about 3 or 4 Gb. How can i backup to an 8 Gb SD card.

    • Hi, if the data is not bigger than the SD card (here 8 GB), then you can use for example the linux dd command to copy all data to another card. I have not tried it yet, maybe there will be an error in partition size of the new SD card, but I’m sure there is also a possibility on linux to change partition size without destroying data on this partition.

  3. Victor sagt:

    How can i restore an backup.img


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