Raspberry Pi with internet connection

My first try on this was a disaster. I tried it with a WLAN USB stick but it was not recognized by my Raspberry Pi. The problem is, that not every WLAN stick is supported. Plan B is now to connect the mini computer directly to the router. My router stands in my living room, but luckily the Raspberry is so small that this is not a problem.


The installation is quite simple. I connect my Raspberry to my router with a LAN wire. If DHCP is on, the Raspberry Pi should get an IP address from my router. So switch on and prey! And as expected, my Raspberry got a correct IP address. I connected my Raspberry to my TV set over HDMI and checked it there. With the pre installed browser Midori I get a connection to internet.

If this does not work, you maybe have DHCP not activated. To activete DHCP do the following:

The third line should looks like:

We define for eth0 (our LAN connection) that it uses DHCP to get its IP address. You can see the DHCP request during the booting of your device. If your Raspberry has a static IP address, then there is a ‘static’ instead of ‘dhcp’.


In another article I activated SSH for my Raspberry. Now I want to check if this also works over WLAN. First I check the IP address of my Raspberry:

For me this is So I turn on my laptop and try to get a connection:

If you see a password input, then everything works fine! So as long as I don’t have a supported WLAN USB stick, I can use this setup to work with my Raspberry Pi.

Who else has connected Raspberry PI to a HD TV set? Great Picture?

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