Quake 3 on your Raspberry Pi

Quake3 is a first person multiplayer shooter. This game is today quite old, but it is already played (at LAN parties) and it is often used for benchmark tests for graphic cards as reference.


First, we need to install all programs that are needed for building quake 3:

You can get the free available source code with the following commands. We also unzip the package and move into the directory:

Now we need to change the build.sh file. so we open it with an editor:

There we need to change line 8, 16 and 19 with the following lines:

Now its time to recompile Quake 3 for your Raspberry. This will lasts some minutes (it tool nearly an hour). You can start with:

The last thing is to install the game assets. You have to download and unpack them:

All PAK files need to be copied into your /build/release-linux-arm/baseq3 directory. From this directory, you can then start Quake 3!





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  1. Boris says:

    Thanks for this but how do I do the thing about copying the PAK files to that directory? I’m ashamed to say I have absolutely no idea how to set about it. None of the other instructions on the web for running Quake in the Pi seem to shed any light, either. I’m flummoxed.

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