Convert other Linux distributions for Berryboot

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  1. Lucas sagt:

    Hallo! I tried the above for the 2013-06-06 version of ArchLinux downloaded from a mirror on the raspberry pi official website, but I got a symlink error upon trying to boot into ArchLinux. No command prompt!

    It appears that the 2013-06-06 version already has usr/lib symlinked to lib. I tried also cp’ing (-pr) the lib to usr/lib and the usr/bin to usr/sbin, trying to avoid the symlink errors like this guy. Not sure if this will solve the problem, and even if so, it may introduce other problems…


  2. jons sagt:

    seems like it is working with raspbian images only … other cause problems / deletes SDcard …


    2013-09-10-wheezy-raspbian.BBOOT.img (511.4 MB)!kdoAyJaJ!VjDWbC8FGSGbTvrTcb-1v2frtawKAIzJ6-VniTJHOjU
    ==custom distro==
    as root:
    yum -y install kpartx squashfs-tools
    ## cd to work dir
    MNT=/mnt/c && ls -alrt $MNT
    DIR=. && ls -alrt $DIR
    IMG= image_you_want_to_convert.img
    kpartx -av $DIR/$IMG
    mount /dev/mapper/$PART $MNT
    sed -i ’s|^/dev/mmcblk|#|g‘ $MNT/etc/fstab
    mksquashfs $MNT ${IMG%.img}.BBOOT.img -comp lzo -e lib/modules
    umount $MNT && kpartx -d $DIR/$IMG ## cleanup

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