Berryboot – Raspberry Pi bootloader

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  1. Adam says:

    I’m a newbie on Linux, the Rasberry Pi is my first Linux box. I used Berryboot and am now booted into RasbRazor successfully. I am trying to elevate the default user, Pi, to admin with the ‘sudo -s’ command and it is prompting me for a password. I tried a space, ‘password’ and ‘berry1’ without success. Does anyone know what the pw is for the default user? Thanks!

  2. Graham says:

    Is this project still being developed/supported? It looks like a much better way to handle using the raspberry as a “real” PC instead of just another toy.

  3. ninjak says:

    I have just installed Raspbian using BerryBoot but the configuration tool of Raspbian (raspi-config or his graphic version) doesn’t work because the system in not on the root… but inside /media.

    Someone knows how to solve this?

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