Assault Cube server on Raspberry Pi

Today I have a really funny thing! An Open Source First Person Shooter for all Counter Strike Fans. I will show you how to install and configure an Assault Cube Server on your Raspberry Pi. Assault Cube? Yes, this is an Open Source Counter Strike that is really funny to play and it works on your Raspberry Pi. It runs very smoothly and fast, so it is possible to host a multiplayer game for a LAN party on Raspberry Pi (or use it in your local network for example school or so…)



For the installation you should create a new directory at the home folder on your Raspberry Pi (/home/pi):

Now we need to get the code. For this we will install the Linux version of the game (for all assets) and the source code. The source code is needed, because we need to recompile the server for the ARM architecture of your Raspberry Pi. For this tutorial I use version of the game (there is already version 1.2 available, but the older version is more common at the moment). So first we need to get the Linux code:

and then the source code:

You will find two packed files in your assault directory. We need to unpack them. This code will be unpacked into a directory calles I will separate the two packages into directories called ‘ac’ and for the source code ‘source’:

compile the server

Everything is ready now to compile the server for the ARM architecture. Don’t panic, that is not that complicated! You only have to type in some commands and to be patient. First thing is to change the current directory:

The following things need to be done to compile the server:

After some time, you get back the command prompt, compilation has finished (hopefully without errors). The last thing is to create the server programm:

The server is ready! You can’t execute it, because we need to copy the program file to the Linux program data of the Assault Cube game. For this we copy the server file:

We will also need a library file to run the server, so we create a link to it:

That’s it! We change the current directory to the game directory and start the Assault Cube server with the following command:

You can watch the debug output. My server tried to connect to a meta server, which failed. That was no problem, it was possible to play a LAN game.

assaultcube server

assault cube ingame

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9 Responses

  1. Nitr says:

    Hi Werner. How many people do you think it would be able to handle?

  2. Eric says:

    Unforuntaely this line
    cp -R /home/pi/assault/source/bin_unix/native_server/ac_server /home/pi/assault/ac/bin_unix/native_server

    And this line
    sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/ /use/lib/

    … Both bring up “No such file or directory”
    Are they correct?

    • Hi, check if compilation fails, because first file is created during compilation. The lib may not be installed or in a different version. For both lines, also check the directory, if you may installed it into a different one. On linux you can also use the find -name command to search for those files.

    • Walter says:

      sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/ /usr/lib/

  3. jim says:

    can you post the sd card image you make with the server for assault cube? i`m very novice into making this my own

  4. Liam says:

    I get the following when I try to compile, can you please help me with this

    $ sudo sh ./configure -build=x86-linux -host=arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi
    checking for a BSD-compatible install… /usr/bin/install -c
    checking whether build environment is sane… yes
    checking for arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-strip… no
    checking for strip… strip
    configure: WARNING: using cross tools not prefixed with host triplet
    checking for a thread-safe mkdir -p… /bin/mkdir -p
    checking for gawk… no
    checking for mawk… mawk
    checking whether make sets $(MAKE)… yes
    checking whether to disable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles… yes
    checking for arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi-gcc… no
    checking for gcc… gcc
    checking whether the C compiler works… no
    configure: error: in /home/pi/assault/source/source/enet':
    configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
    config.log’ for more details.

    I am using a raspberry pi 2 if that might be the problem.

  5. Jake B says:

    Everything works fantastic EXCEPT for the script. For some reason, it can’t connect to It’s definitely connected to the internet (headless SSH) and I can open the AC webpage on Chromium. What did I do wrong?

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