Tablet buy recommendation – iOS vs Android

The hardware market changes! PC systems are no longer a good investment, everything is going into the direction mobile computing, so tablets are the future IT market . Currently the market is divided into two big sections. On the one side, there is Apple with its iPads, on the other side there are Android devices from various manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, or LG. With this article I want to give you a good overview of these to different sides and will give you examples for good devices that I can recommend to buy.

iOS vs Android

The problem is that there are only two different systems that are important (I know there are other like Windows tablets, but who cares?). One side is always evil and the oder one is good. Trust me, this argumentation is nonsense. Yes, there are differences and there are pros and cons, but there is no better solution. Both systems are usable.

Before I tell you more about the details, here is my buy recommendation:

  • for all Apple supporters and fans of iOS system, the best solutions is the iPad 4.
    For me, the 16 GB solutions is enough, music, fotos, videos and other things can be stored at cloud services, so it is minor important to have a big storage. If you want it a bit smaller, you should buy an Apple iPad mini
  • if you are on the other side a Android fan than I can only recommend Google devices. These are called Nexus and are in fact of different manufacturers like Samsung or LG. Why Google devices? This are the only devices that supports the Google Play Store to 100%. There are two devices. The Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10. This two are mainly different in size.


iOS is the mobile operating system from Apple and is only available on Apple hardware. It runs on iPads, iPhones and iPods. iOS and Mac OSX are both based on UNIX. iOS was completely rewritten with a user interface especially designed for mobile usage.


  • closed system
    A closed system can be an advantage, because so this system can only be used on special hardware. It is limited to only a small number of different hardware, so it is better tested and less vulnerable for system errors.
  • control
    It is only possible to install software from the App Store. Apple use very strict rules for software to be part of the App Store, so it is nearly impossible that there are dangerous software.
  • usability
    iOS is a system that has a very good usability. It can be controlled with only one finger and it can also be controlled by people which have absolutely no idea about computers and such stuff.


  • closed system
    This total control from Apple limits the options you have. It is only possible to install software from App Store and for good software you have to buy. For App developers this is an advantage, because developed Apps are more likely to be buyed on Apples App Store than on any other Store.
  • old fashioned
    iOS was modern…but now the interface is many years old. This is the main reason why there will be big interface update on iOS 7.


Android is a Linux distribution developed by Google that is optimized for mobile devices. It was developed after iOS was presented, so Apple arguments that this operating system uses many patented things from Apple. Android is an Open Source software and can be used free.


  • Open Source
    this is the most important advantage. Because of its open source, Android was used by nearly all other manufacturers for mobile devices. This is good for users, so there is a big market for Apps.


  • Open Source
    Open Source is also a disadvantage, because many manufacturers can brand their software and change or disable Android services. So it is possible that, especially cheap devices, have only a very mutilated Android and they can only use a small part of possible Apps.
  • open system
    the open system can be a problem, because dangerous software can be installed on this operating system. It is highly recommended to use a anti virus software, but experts say that most anti virus software Apps are today ineffective. It is important that you as a user only install Apps that can be trusted!
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