Raspberry Pi – system update

After I get my Raspberry Pi working with internet connection and a working SSH connection its time to optimize the base configuration of the system. The first thing for me is to change the keyboard layout to German.

Keyboard layout

The keyboard layout is default English (GB). I want to change this to German (DE). For this I change the following file:

We have to change the value of ‘XKBLAYOUT’. Instead of ‘GB’ we set ‘DE’.

System update

The system update has two steps. First, we will update our sources list:

As you can see, for the first time this will last some time. After some time, we get back our command line prompt:

Now you should see a list with all available updates. With ‘Y’ you can start this update. This may take some time.


This last thing is to check our free memory. The following command will show you the partitions, maximal space and used space:

Here you should check if the system uses the whole space of your SD card. For me I have 30 GB space on a 32 GB SD card. If you only have 2 GB space, but a larger SD card, you should change the partitions. This can be done in raspi-config.

You can find it under ‘expand_rootfs’. This will set the trigger to do the change during next reboot.

The change of the keyboard layout can also be done here.

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