Raspberry Pi – Debugging with USB

Your Raspberry Pi is ready for nearly every possible field of use. It has very useful interfaces. With its ethernet port, you get control of yourPi over your private network or internet with SSH or VNC. This is useful and a great possibility, but for some debugging purposes, it is a bit uncomfortable. The question is: can we debug our Raspberry Pis easier? With your network, you need a Pi that already uses a working network, otherwise it is not possible to call your log files. A much simpler possibility is your GPIO Port. With it you can control your Pi too! With GPIO you can interact with many different devices. It uses in and out ports, so it is also possible to control your Pi from an external device. A really good choice to debug is an USB cable. With this USB to TTL Cable all this is possible with no knowledge about networking or other higher levels.

USB Pi Kabel

USB debugging with TTL

With this cable, you can connect your Raspberry Pi with its GPIO interface with a normal USB plug. You can connect this cable as shown in the picture with 4 ends of the cable with 4 GPIO pins. There are drivers for Windoxs XP/Windows 7, Mac OSX and Linux. So it is very easy to get fast control of your Pi from your Laptop or PC. This USB to TTL cable can also be used to hack WiFi routers, for example to install a new operating system. You can find information of how to use this cable in many different forums.

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