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Today I have a nice article for cold winter evenings alone at home…yea I know, it’s summer 😉 If you are bored, you may play card games. This is a reason why Windows is popular, because you can play Solitaire at home or at your bureau.


Poker (Texas Holdem)

If you love the thrill end excitement about poker, than you should try PokerTH. This Poker Texas Holdem game can be played in single player mode against a good AI or also in multiplayer mode. This works on your local network and also over internet. So why don’t you organize your next Poker round with your Friends online with your Raspberry Pis?

You can install this game as follows:

This Poker game is good to configure, so it is also very funny to play in single player mode against the AI. A log informs you about the last actions and the display is good organized. The game runs smooth on Raspberry Pi, only sometimes the card animation lags.

A very interesting feature is the “away” feature. Here you can let the AI play some rounds for you. Thats ideal if you have your Poker evening and you have to do something else.

Poker Texas Holdem

Ace of Penguins

Ace of Penguins is not a single game, it is a summary of many different card games that are Open Source. Some of them are also board games and all of them have something to do with Tux. If you are not a fan of Tux, ignore it. Nevertheless this games are great. They are well designed and you may have fun for many hours.

You can install this games with this single command:


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