DOSBox on your Raspberry Pi

DOSBox is today one of the standard programs of most Linux distributions. So it is also a matter of fact, that this DOS emulator is also available for your Raspberry Pi. The installation is quite easy.


We use our prefered packet manager to install the latest version of DOSBox:

Now we have everything that we need to launch our old DOS program, but it is a good idea to preconfigure your DOSBox installation.


You can find your DOSBox configuration file in a hidden directory inside your home folder. The configuration file is named with the current version number of the DOXBox:

With an editor we can change the configuration. The configuration file is good documented. I work with a german keyboard layout, so I change this:

It is strange, but here gr stands for german and not de like normal language shortcuts…
The next thing to configure is to automatically mount a directory as C: drive. For this we create a new directory in our home directory:

You can automatically mount this directory as C: during startup with this line of code::

Now we can copy all our DOS games into that folder. You can create mor directories and mount it as other drives!

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  1. Ben says:

    I’ve sucessfully installed DOSBOX on a Win7 computer and runs old DOS RS232 port datalogger software using a USB-to-RS232 cable. Took some tinkering, but it works quite well.

    However, having installed it on raspbian, just like you did, DOSBOX boots up fine, mounting the c-drive as specified, but then hangs, it accepts no keyboard or mouse inputs (for the raspbian desktop) at all and the whole system seems to freeze. I have to hard reboot to get out of it.

    My keyboardlayout = us

    Any suggestions?

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