Counter Strike for Linux

On Steam you can find  Counter Strike Source for some time. Now there is also Counter Strike Condition Zero available. Steam currently invests much money and resources to port games to Linux. As you can see, the list of Linux games is increasing. And this shows, that it is possible to use Linux as an operating system also for gamers.

Counter Strike Condition Zero Logo

So what’s next?

  • the target for Steam should be to increase the number of available games and to port already published games
  • if there is a certain number of gamers with linux, it is important to start publish current games also
  • the best thing would be to get exclusive titles only for Linux!

I think it is a hard way till we see exclusive titles for Linux, but I thing Linux gamers are happy with each single ported game, which is then available for this independent free operating system. We will fight for this!


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