Control your Raspberry Pi from your iPad with VNC

I have been searching for a good VNC client program for my iPad. Some of them are really good, but fail when they should connect to my Raspberry Pi. There are many different VNC clients in App Store, some free and some really expensive. Finally I found a free one that works for me: Mocha VNC Lite.


Configuration is quite simple. You only have to set 3 values:

  • VNC server address: here you set the name of your Raspberry Pi or its IP address
  • VNC server port: the server port is per default 5900. You should set it to 5901 (standard TCP port 5900 + N where N is the display number)
  • VNC password: the password of your VNC server

In main menu you should click connect and thats everything. You should get your Raspberry Pi desktop.

VNC server settings

If you are using VNC on iPad with your Raspberry Pi, you can do some optimizations. Normally we start out TightVNC server on Raspi with the following command (in recent articles I described how to install and configure a VNC server):

You iPad has a fixed resolution, so we can set screen resolution and color depth:

Now it should enhance the experience on you iPad.

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  1. Nigel Ovens says:

    Thanks for this. Can’t wait to try it out on my RP as I struggled a bit trying to do this last night.

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