Bitcoin mining without Raspberry Pi

There are many webservices where you can get free bitcoins without much effort. It is much easier as Bitcoin mining with your Raspberry Pi. You do not need a Bitcoin miner, nor a mining software only an installed browser and some time. I tested some of these sites for you.

Bitcoin mining withou Raspberry Pi

You can get an amount of free Satoshis for viewing ads. Satoshis are the 100 millionth of a single Bitcoin, this is 0.00000001 BTC. If you collect enough of them, you will end up with many BTC. The best sites for this are:

  1. freebitcoin
    for me the best service. You can get an amount of about 1000 Satoshis every hour with a single claim. Apart from that, you get a chance of many more. There is a number between 1 and 10000 generated by random, if it is high enough, you get more. You do not only get Satoshis, you also get lottery tickets. You can win some Bitcoins at an weekly lottery. If you are lucky, you can gamble your earned Satoshis in a casino like game. There you can bet on numbers to double your bets.
  2. getyourbitcoin
    you can claim up to 250 Satoshis every hour. You do not need a minimum amount to get a payout.
  3. moonbitcoin
  4. fieldbitcoins
  5. timeforbitcoin
    these sites are similar. You can see a timer and an amount of Satoshis that increments. You can claim your amount with a button. The amount of money you can get per hour is different.

What do you need to know

Bitcoin mining without Raspberry PiIf you want to get free Bitcoins, you need a Bitcoin address. What is that? A Bitcoin address is like you bank account number, a unique identifier. You can get those addresses out of your Bitcoin wallet. This is a virtual wallet for virtual currencies. You can create one with free software, a good point to start is the official Bitoin homepage. There you see an overview of Bitcoin wallets for nearly every possible operating system of PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Bitcoin mining

Apart from free Bitcoins on some websites, you can get it the classical way. That means, you mine your BTCs. For this you need Hardware like Raspberry Pi or some specialized hardware. For both, you have to pay first and also during computation (energy). Mining gets more difficoult and you get fewer BTCs for it, so it is
no longer economically.


If you want to do Bitcoin mining without Raspberry Pi you can use your Browser and free time to get some virtual money. You only need a Bitcoin wallet, so they can transfer Satoshis to you. You can spent your virtual money on things in online stores or transfer it to “real” money as you like.

What do you think about free Bitcoins? Do you already use Bitcoins?

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